Classic Shave


A classic straight razor shave. Begin with two steaming facial towels to soften the beard and open your pores. We apply warm pre-shave oil, continue with a full lathering and complete an initial shave along the grain of your beard. After re-lathering, we shave against your beard grain, if preferred. We finish with a cool facial towel and aftershave application.

Executive Shave


Take your shave to the next level. Our Executive Shave offers everything included in our Classic Shave, plus a post-shave warm towel cleansing and Deep Detox clay mask application. We allow the mask to dry for 3-8 minutes, depending on skin type and then remove it with a clean, warm towel. We finish with a cool facial towel and aftershave application.

Approximately 45 mins

Scalp-Smoothing Head Shave


Who said your face should have all the fun? We move our steaming towels, pre-shave warm oil application, full lathering and straight razor shave from your face to your head to give you the sleek, smooth silhouette you love.

Gray Blending

Starting at $27

Get rid of unwanted grays without looking unnatural. We use a combination of your hair’s original colors and tones to provide coverage and naturally blend away grays.

Eye Brow Hair Removal

Starting at $14

The well-groomed man’s solution to the unibrow. Our careful brow waxing uses warm wax and cloth strips to separate a single brow into two.

Beard Trim & Shape

Starting at $22

Bring your beard back to glory. Our beard trim and shape helps tame wild whiskers, muscle moustaches back into shape and brings definition to shaggy shaves.

Youth Haircut

Starting at $23

Our same stylish men’s haircuts scaled down for smaller patrons. Available for boys ages 5-12.

Neck Wax


Want to skip that neck trim between cuts and keep your neck clean for 3 weeks? This quick 10 minute service is the perfect way to avoid an unsightly neckline between your haircuts!

Ear or Nose Wax


"I'm growing out my ear hair", said no guy ever...

Gives us 5 minutes and we will get ride of those objectionable ear or nose hairs with a quick wax. It last longer than trimming them and your significant other will have a deeper affection for you.

Express Facial


Want to look like you got 9 hours of sleep, a morning workout, and just finished a kale salad? Try our 15 minute express facial. We will rid you of dead skin, add some necessary moisture and give you a relaxing experience in the process.

Executive Facial


A revitalizing facial formulated specifically for men. We analyze your skin and then use a customized men's facial line to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and tone. This service takes it up a notch by including hot towel treatments and a relaxing face massage!

Grooms Parties Info

A groom’s party at GENT offers a relaxed atmosphere in preparation for the big event. Treat the men in your wedding party - from ushers to ring bearers, musicians to groomsmen, her dad to your dad – to a unique and truly memorable classic barbershop experience at GENT Cuts and Grooming.

Call us about scheduling a groom’s party and be sure to ask about customized product packages for use as groomsmen’s gifts!

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